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How Much Do We Trust?

Is the act of believing a form of prayer? As I prayed for my kids one day, I found myself grabbing for prayers. Fix-it prayers. You see, my middle son has aspirations to play college basketball, and fear started speaking to me, “How will coaches find him in our small town of mountains and sage… Read more »

Negativity Blocks Our Ears

Does negativity hinder our relationship with God? The other morning I found myself trying to find my way back to God. I’d lost Him at my daughter’s basketball game the night before. A few missed calls by the referees in a close game had tempers igniting in the stands. I usually try to connect with God… Read more »

The Load We Carry

I wonder if we recognize our escape plans. Since I was a little girl, I’ve loved jewelry. Whenever we were out shopping, my mom and I would always step into those magical stores with all the sparklies beneath the glass cases. When Mat and I became engaged, I happened to work at a jewelry store…. Read more »

Fighting Against the Enemy

It was one of those days. Nothing bad had really happened, just some minor growing pains between me and my daughter. But it wasn’t fun and I hate feeling disconnected from the people I love. Unfortunately, that comes with teen territory—–their transition from childhood to adulthood with parents trying to hang on and let go at… Read more »

Being Real With God

How real can we be with God? How well does He handle our bad moods and emotions? Years ago, God asked a friend of mine with an incredible life story, if she would let a book be written about her life. She told Him no. He asked her several times and she continued to refuse…. Read more »

Living Like Sheep

Does God have a sense of humor? He compares us to sheep and I have to think that makes Him laugh. My friend, John, was driving past a field on a scorching summer day and noticed a group of sheep crowded oddly together in a tight circle. Then John detected the narrow shadow cast by… Read more »

God Embraces Us In Our Sin

Can God be in the presence of sin? When my kids were young  I taught them that He couldn’t. I believed it and wanted to encourage them to move toward sinless behavior. Or at least try their hardest to get close. You know, “God’s not with you, so you might want to repent quickly.” Fear… Read more »

God Is Pleased With You!

Can God still be pleased with us when we are sinning? How does He view our sin when we are hip deep in it? I’ve wrestled with this question for much of my Christian life. I was certain He couldn’t, so I didn’t understand how He could keep from leaving me as a grease spot… Read more »

Finding Hope

What would life be without hope? Many of us live in that place. Just holding on by a fingertip. Faith and hope are active ingredients. Like yeast, they make things rise. Your emotions, your spirit, your situation and expectations. I’m not talking about creating a false confidence or a Pollyanna outlook. This is hope based on… Read more »

Blind Faith

Can we feel the fear, but walk in faith? How often do lies come to our minds and we give them more weight than they deserve: My child will always struggle. I’m not good enough. This situation will never get better. My life is a mess. I can’t do anything right. They are better than… Read more »