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Rejoicing When Life Goes Sideways

How does God want us to love? I used to “love” through control. A parent’s perspective has the hindsight and wisdom gleaned from their own journey. And it’s our job to share our journey, with all its successes and mistakes, with our kids. Hopefully, imparting wisdom and learning lessons packed with love. Occasionally, I’ll see my… Read more »

Our Thoughts Create Our Feelings

Do we determine our own emotional state? Many of us tend to believe that it’s the people around us, or our circumstances that have the greatest impact on our emotions. But I wonder if we’ve ever considered how much the thoughts we think influence the feelings we feel? That while we may believe other people… Read more »

Living Close to Him

How does living disconnected from God’s presence affect our daily lives? When I’m immersed in His presence, and that love is flowing through me and spilling onto the people around me—–my kids, that crabby customer service person, the harried barista—–nothing dents my joy. It’s like a fountain that can’t be plugged. And it infects people…. Read more »

The View from the Top

How do we change our view so it reflects what God sees? The other day I was struggling with not feeling connected to God. So I journaled with Him about it. I was going to pretty it all up and give you the highlights, but decided to just share my journaling process with God. Me:… Read more »

Serving Without Grumbling

What does love look like? Sacrifice? Surrender? Kris Vallotton says that it’s easy to die for someone. That’s a one-time decision. It’s the living for someone that is hard. Those are a multitude of big and small choices. Daily. Making dinner. Feeding the dog. Taking out the trash. Sacrifices of time, energy and attitude.

The Torment That Ensnares Us

What does torment look like? I’m not talking medieval torture, but the barrage of negativity that persistently bangs against our door. For some, it’s fear. Unreasonable, unrelenting fear. The vague sense that something bad could happen to us or someone we love. An undefined sense of doom that hangs over us like a cloud. For… Read more »

Attitudes Impact Our Perceptions

What colors our vision? There are mindsets we step into that dictate what we think and feel, what we expect to see from others, and how we behave. Love thinks the best. It delivers a buffer of grace, giving people time to explain, to share, to go through their process and land without being pushed… Read more »

Freedom is for Us

What does freedom look like? I watched a friend get free today. The enemy had her believing lies. About her parenting. About her child. About the future. How often do we fall in the trap of believing the reality the enemy is feeding our minds?

Sickness and Negativity

Do our emotions affect our health? As I listened to the radio on the drive into work, two morning show hosts discussed a study on hugs. They said hugging actually keeps you from getting sick. Hugs leave us feeling happy which boosts our immune systems. While negativity depresses the immune system and leaves us vulnerable to… Read more »

How Does Negativity Infect Us?

How does negativity infect us? I had a tightly scheduled trip to Eugene to interview some candidates for our bookkeeping position. Because of congested airspace, I missed my connecting flight. So just after lunchtime, I found myself listening as the kind reservationist explained that all the flights to Eugene were oversold, but they did have… Read more »