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Truth in Advertising

Do we sometimes feel we are “selling” Jesus to the ones that don’t know him? Trying to look perfect, be good “Christian witnesses” so they will long for what we have? In my early days of walking with Jesus, I so badly wanted others to know Him (that part hasn’t changed). I didn’t want to… Read more »

Living Fulfilled

How do we live from our truest identity? You’re probably wondering what that means. My guess is that most of us would characterize our identity by what we do. The thing that occupies the majority of our time…I’m a pastor, a writer, a mom, a doctor… But does what we do define who we are?… Read more »

Have Another Thought

How do we dump pessimistic thinking? The other day I was wrestling through some issues. Just a few minor things, but added together they were draining. I took myself to the gym and pulled up some Graham Cooke on my iPod. At one point he said, “If you don’t like the thought you’re having, have… Read more »

Walking Away from Judging

If one thing was the root for most of our problems, what would it be? I wonder if it would be judgment? We live in a society so conditioned to judge that we rarely notice when we are doing it: She’s too heavy. Too thin. Too talkative. Why’d she style her hair like that? That’s a… Read more »

Who Are We Walking With?

How do we know which kingdom we are walking in? This morning TDH (tall, dark and handsome) had to talk me off the ledge. I had worked myself into a lather over the responsibilities of parenting. So many things on our radar—–SAT tests, scholarship research, college admissions—–and that’s my short list. What is my responsibility and… Read more »

My Story

How do we find freedom and healing? I was broken and lost. Hurting so much. Though I smiled and conversed, I felt isolated and alone. I hungered for love to find me, connect with me and rescue me from the anger and depression I often experienced. For years, my only peace and joy came through spending time… Read more »

Loving Ourselves Helps us to Like Others

What do we do when we don’t like someone? There are people in my life that I struggle with. In fact, I don’t feel a lot of love for them. This bothers me because we are called to love. I don’t want to be anything less than Jesus desires, and He adores everyone. Sometimes, I feel… Read more »

In the Storm

What do we do when we are shadowed by our failings? It’s been an interesting few days. Normally, I have an abundance of peace and joy, but lately I’ve been dealing with tormenting thoughts. Loss and regret were the underlying theme. How I hadn’t done this right. How I would likely never would accomplish that…. Read more »

Loving More Deeply

How much does God require from us? Last week, I vented to God about a situation I was struggling with. He didn’t respond to any of my frustrations (I just wanted Him to say I was right and send a lightning bolt to deal with the violators). Instead, He addressed my lack of love. And… Read more »

Storming the Enemy

How do we handle painful situations? Too often we seek the Holy Spirit’s comfort, even as we embrace the enemy’s lies. Letting the enemy lie and steal, while waiting for God to swoop in and rescue us from our situations. But God’s already shown a light on our path: We have to reject the lies (2 Cor. 10:5)…. Read more »