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How Well Do We Love?

What would happen if we took time to listen? I’ve been learning a few things lately. Things like how people have experienced me differently than I intended. It’s eye opening. And not necessarily pleasant. I think I’m being efficient in directing teenagers to pick up the house, but they hear a drill sergeant at boot camp…. Read more »

Do We Live from the Cross or the Tomb?

Which side of the cross do we live from? Needing a Savior or walking with the Savior? Jesus dying on the cross is everything to a believer. But it is only the starting point. It is the beginning of our walk with Him. Because there’s the tomb. The empty one that we don’t talk much… Read more »

Is it Prideful to Think We Are Amazing?

Are we God’s most amazing creation? We are. The Bible tells us this over and over. But do we see ourselves as amazing? I think we often minimize our greatness because we don’t want to become arrogant, or come across as prideful. We don’t want to get puffed up by self. But when we recognize… Read more »

Does God Ever Cringe When He Looks at Us?

How does Jesus look at us and not cringe at times? I believe it’s because He sees us in two different dimensions. He sees us as we are now (though without frustration toward our sin because He has already dealt with it), and He sees who we will become. As Graham Cooke states it, God… Read more »

Why Do We Feel the Need to Defend God?

We are to be light to a dark world, right? (Matt. 5:14-16) So how do we do that practically? How do we “go into all the world preaching the gospel” when we have a hard enough time getting our kids to go to church? (Mark 16:15) How do we portray love when we often lack… Read more »

Does God Discipline Like We Do?

Does God discipline His kids like we do our own? Have you noticed that God can’t control His kids? Not even Adam and Eve, in their perfect sinless state. That’s actually not a true statement. It’s not that God can’t control His kids, it’s that He doesn’t choose to control them. It would only take a little lightning… Read more »

How Do We Let Love Lead Us?

I’ve recently been listening to some podcasts by a pastor named Robert Henderson. He suggests a pretty cool prayer: God, I want to see like you see, think like you think, and feel like you feel. So I started praying it. And holy moly, my thinking began to change. And I started to see people differently…. Read more »

Are We Living As Ambassadors of Love?

Do we use our gifts to restore or to tear down? I’m beginning to realize that people don’t mess up on purpose. So why do I find myself becoming irritable if I have to repeat myself to TDH or one of the kids? They didn’t not hear or misunderstand on purpose. (Except for our two… Read more »

What Is Our Christian Mandate?

The other day I was listening to Christian radio and the disc jockey said that the greatest thing we can do is to surrender our lives to Christ. Comments encouraging people to do the right “Christian” thing make me twist inside. My heels start digging in as I feel the push of the law. So I… Read more »

Do We Disappoint God?

Does God feel disappointed when we sin? Before we dig into that, we need to uncover our biases. How do we approach God’s view of us. Do we put ourselves in His shoes? (I think we often do this unconsciously. After all, that is our only point of reference.) Do we approach the question from a… Read more »